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            Features of Double Shafts Concrete Mixer

            Double-shaft Concrete Mixer the mixing process occurs not only in the radial direction, but also occurs in the axial direction. Primary mixing zone located in the circumferential direction of the stirring body, throughout the mixing process, this direction of maximum energy value, it is possible to make full use of the space with stirring, so that the aggregate, cement and water at a lower stirring blade circumferential speed (s) of case in the shortest time to reach the most uniform optimum stirring mode, to obtain the best mixing effect.

            Since the double-shaft mixer at the completion of mixing concrete basically stacked near the discharge door, thus discharging occupancy time is short. Means for controlling the electric discharge doors opening degree can be adjusted discharge doors it will not be stuck in the closed.

            In the unloading process, the blades rotate at low speed, help remove remaining in the body of the concrete mixing bucket, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of parabolic disc machine when unloading.

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